During the Easter (2004) week we received shocking news of a near-fatal cycling accident, see below.

The unfortunate chap (a Mr. Clive Gissing) apparently cycling to Edinburgh Castle, when his front wheel 'cones' gave-way, causing the rider to dismount over the handlebars, landing head-first into a rabbit hole, shocked passers-by gave assistance, and his 'cones' are now much better.

for his good Samaritan work, the passer-by (Mr. Trevor "John" Harvey) was rewarded with a slap-up meal from the local hot-dog stand. 'Slimming world' on-lookers gasped at the size of his sausage!

On the 16th October 2004, a squirrel was rescued from the icy water of the river Deben, Suffolk, just outside the Ramsholt Arms, the poor creature was swimming aimlessly, when it was plucked from the river in a bucket,

The palatial black plastic bucket, one of the many items of deck furniture on the M.V. Wallaby.

Andy's motherly instincts took over, and with the aid of a nearby fleece coat, the squirrel was gently cradled....arrrrh

andrew poses with grateful squirrel & bucket.
where the heck am i ?

The squirrel named 'wallaby' after the owners boat. Still cold & shocked. (more likely from being rescued by four blokes from the local pub!)

Later in the day, when 'wallaby' had dried out, it(?) was let out into the wilds of Bramford Road, Ipswich, never, to be seen again...

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